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Post by Expat47 on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:16 pm

Thunderbird and I have long been partners keeping track of my 3 e-mail accounts. My list of addresses is pretty extensive and I've kept up the personal data on most of them to include phone numbers, snail-mail addresses, and other goodies. So..

When I loaded ChaletOS and found Thunderbird already loaded I got to work on moving my PC's settings and files over to the laptop. I knew where the files were on the PC but where to find them on Chalet was becoming a problem. After flopping around for about a half hour I finally "asked" the right question and found that it was going to be a snap so, here goes.

Under TB's menu Help>Troubleshooting Information there is an entry "Profile Folder".
Open it and back-up the tree to "Profiles"
The folder you'll want will have a random name.default copy it off to a thumb drive
Back-up the tree and copy the file "profiles.ini"
If you've made or use any signature files copy them over too.

Move your thumb drive over to the new machine and use the TB menu to open the directory there.
Move up one stop on the tree and copy the data directory here.
The old directory is no longer required so you can, if you wish delete it.
Then one more directory up and the .ini file & signature files to this directory.
Restart TB and your settings, e-mails, and address books should be ready to use.
The only adjustments you'll need to make is the location of any signature files you ported over.

Once I had the above info the whole process took lest time that it just took you read all this!! There are, of course, other ways to get the files across, and you can, of course keep the old data set you only need adjust the directory name in the .ini file. TeamViewer can be used to transfer the data and forgo the thumb drive but I'd not gotten that far when I did the move.

Good luck,

C, ya,

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