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Post by Guest on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:26 pm

Hello, I am mathyandrea1997.
I tried Linux Mint 18 first because it is popular and does not track you like Windows 10 does. Stupid OS! I have to say that I liked Mint, but it didn't give me the same feel as Windows 7, an operating system I like. Therefore, I switched to Zorin OS 11, but immediately disliked it because I couldn't do something as simple as add a launcher to the desktop without jumping through a bunch of hoops.
Ubuntu was next, but I couldn't figure out how to move the panel (or dock, because it looks like MacOS) to the bottom of the screen. Then I knew that I wanted an OS that looks like Windows 7 while being configurable, but user-friendly. I looked across YouTube and found that EnglishBob gave a good review of ChaletOS 16.04, and I also liked the look of it. So I downloaded the ISO to give it a shot.
I love it! Configurable but user-friendly.
I accidentally removed the panel at the bottom of the screen just a few hours ago, but discovered that it was really easy to restore the panel to the default look. With a few tweaks, it looked just like I wanted it again. Now I'm hooked! Thank you, ChaletOS, for making a nice Linux distro easy for a Windows 7 convert but making it configurable.
I just have one suggestion. On my laptop, it immediately brings up a splash screen of which part of the system to log in to. Just make it more obvious how to remove it without a Google search.

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Post by James Tobin on Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:04 pm

Thanks so much for your review and suggestion! your input is very much loved and appreciated, thank you for using Chalet OS and I hope you enjoy it for a long time Very Happy God bless!

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