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Post by Scott_CA on Tue Jan 26, 2016 4:30 am

A Winxx user since inception, CP/M and 8-bit machine code  before floppy or hard drives, before the term ‘PC’ was coined,  I had the usual Windows 7 complaints--endless ‘updates’, virus worries, expensive hardware to support a growing OS that had far more capability than I needed or could use.    I contentedly used Win2K until March 2015 when it became clear that I had to change OSes, although I used  XP and 7 at work on many, many real-time sophisticated chemical analysis instruments.   While other people played Solitaire, I played ‘Operating System’.
‘Linux curious’ for several years,  I had used and liked Unix X Windows for a few years from 1987, but never spent the time or money to investigate modern Linux possibilities until I discovered  $20-40 (USD) computers available locally on Craigslist, (usually no HD and/or video card), and used SSD drives.   As insurance if I needed to go back to Win 8, I bought an $80 Dell 760 Q8400 machine,  installed Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.1 on a $25 SSD, and that was the beginning of my Linux education.    That system made my brand new $$$ i7 Win 7 system at work look like a turtle.   To make a long story short, I now have 8 Linux systems (4 with quad processors) running Mint, LXLE, Lite (x2), MX-14 (x2), Vector, and I’ve tried several other distros including Anti-X, Alpine, Peppermint, Zorin, Q4OS, PCLinuxOS, Elementary and Pinguy.   I was able to make peace with most of them, but sometimes it took many hours.  Nearly all of the problems/bugs had solutions, most quickly found on the web.   No system is perfect, each has its issues--but so does MS Windows.   The simpler/smaller the system, the more reliance on the terminal command line, the more difficult  to deal with, and to remember commands!   NVIDIA cards, and some Intel graphics can be trouble, but my systems have Radeon cards.   Still having occasional  network printer issues on my DHCP-based network.  
But this is about ChaletOS.   I think ChaletOS 14.04.3 is  EXCELLENT--very nearly as good as Mint, vastly under-rated.   Running the Cafe theme, zoncolor brown, and my own collection of ‘backdrops’  of Swiss chalet photos, Linux art, my own and other landscape photos, it is simply stunning.    The Xfce deskstop is fast, flexible and easy on resources.    I prefer the ‘panel’ and applications I need in a heartbeat (file manager, screenshot, terminal, Xpad, etc.) at the top of the monitor, and other application icons (Chromium, WPS Office, Synaptic Package Manager, etc.) on the main part of the display and/or lined up along the bottom.   I haven’t bothered with a ‘dock’ although I use, and like it, on other systems.   Using ‘scrolling’ Workspaces and the efficient   ‘a-couple-clicks-to-anything’   desktop layout makes ChaletOS a joy to run, with  screen space equal to 4 monitors.  It is very stable--I can’t remember a crash.  It boots and shuts down quickly, even running from an old IDE hard drive.
The Forum seems a bit ‘sparce’ compared to other OS forums.    Part of the reason may be  the forum is new (with a lovely, clean design), and the number of ChaletOS Forum users is small at the moment,  but I think a more important reason is that there are very few issues, most already addressed on the ChaletOS or Xfce sites.    Background location seems to be a problem because they aren’t where they might be expected--but other distros also have this issue, and once found, the issue vanishes forever-- for that user.   I had trouble with the Menu Editor not saving simple text changes, which turned out to be a problem with ownership and permissions.  I wanted all the desktop parameters--'Appearance’, themes, backgrounds, etc.-- to appear together in the  apps list.   Again,  easily solved once the problem was identified.   Conky needed a few keystrokes to align things a bit, but it is a simple, editable text file,  fun to play with.   I installed ChaletOS on a different computer, liked it, and moved the drive to this computer, which required a simple GRUB edit to boot from sda1, not sdb1.   Every distro I’ve tried would have a similar story, but different issues.
Any one of my machines has far more power than I could possibly use for my admittedly simple, typical office needs.    So what do they do?    For the winter months 22 cores (including 1-Win 8.1 i5 system)  are running  BOINC  /  World Community Grid computational chemistry tasks at 100% CPU  utilization 24/7.   This particular system is a $30 Dell Precision 390 (no drive) recently upgraded with a $20 Intel Q6600,  playing a music CD and running 4 threads of WCG ‘Mapping Cancer Markers’ in the ‘background’ while I’m surfing the web--and the ChaletOS site in particular, scribbling these thoughts using Abiword, with an Xpad yellow sticky-note  tucked into a corner.   It is using 1 GB of memory.   There are no discernible delays.    No worries, a computer working the way it should.

Well done, Dejan Petrovic and friends.

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One of many stories..... Empty Re: One of many stories.....

Post by Dits on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:47 am

Great write up Scott and welcome to the forum.

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