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Post by chaletosuser on Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:05 pm


my first contact on computers was arround 1980
first 2 computers was amiga 1200 and amiga 500 with this computers i login in b.b.s mainboards for my amiga software true inbelline.
so thats along time ago...
than in 1989 i buy my fist realpc and my fist system was windoze 95 , than 98 than windows me , xp , windows 7 best system of windows ever. however windows 10 is nor bad ..
but i like alot more linux , however in the beginning of linux that is not linux of today , today linux is easy.
my fist linux was redhat in the beginning haha ... and not everything was mount ...

i follow linux from the beginning and have tested alot of systems but chaletos is one of the fastest distro's out there.
voyager is pretty cool.
i run servers on chaletos (vestacp)
i do development in zpanelcp ,vestacp , (i do ported themes for hosting panels) make own distro's like arionubuntu on sourceforge , i still use amiga today , there is no faster browser than amiga .

i am fan of chaletos
build distro from scrath

sorry for the bad english is speak only dutch

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